What is fatigue?

Fatigue refers to an overall feeling of tiredness, weakness, lack of energy, or exhaustion. It can be a normal and important response to the demands of daily life, but can also be a symptom indicating an underlying medical condition.

There are two main types of fatigue:

Physical fatigue manifests as muscle weakness and reduced performance of tasks involving strength, speed, and endurance. Mental fatigue manifests as a reduced ability to concentrate, stay focused, and think clearly, as well as lack of motivation to start or continue tasks.

Causes of Fatigue

Common causes and risk factors for fatigue include:

It's normal to experience occasional tiredness after long or intense periods of activity. However, new, persistent, or worsening fatigue should be evaluated by a doctor, especially when affecting your daily functioning.

Managing Fatigue

Depending on the underlying cause, fatigue can be managed through lifestyle measures like:

Medical treatments may also be helpful, like testosterone or human growth hormone therapy for age-related decline or cortisol medications for adrenal conditions.

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Experiencing fatigue regularly for over two weeks, or severe fatigue that limits your daily activities warrants a medical evaluation to identify any treatable cause. While fatigue itself is not often a direct health risk, the underlying condition causing it may be. Don't ignore persistent exhaustion in your life – take back your energy and zest for living!

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