How long can I take 1-testosterone?

1-testosterone, also known as 1-test, is a potent anabolic steroid that boosts testosterone levels significantly. It should be used cautiously and cycled properly to avoid side effects and health risks.
Recommended cycles typically last 4-12 weeks, with longer cycles having more risks. Proper cycling involves:

Benefits of moderate 1-testosterone cycles of 4-8 weeks can include:

However, there are side effects and health risks that increase with longer cycles or abuse:

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) helps mitigate side effects by jumpstarting natural testosterone production after a cycle. PCT involves taking drugs like clomiphene and tamoxifen for 4-6 weeks after ending 1-testosterone.

Without PCT, it may take months for normal hormone levels to return. This increases risks for side effects like reduced sex drive, erection issues, fatigue, mood changes, and loss of muscle mass.

Blood work is critical before, during and after any anabolic steroid cycle. Blood testing helps monitor for side effects to the liver, cholesterol levels, and natural testosterone production.

Responsible Use Guidelines

To use 1-testosterone more safely:

In summary, 1-testosterone carries risks but can potentially be used safely in moderate cycles of 4-12 weeks along with PCT drugs, blood work, medical supervision and significant time off between cycles. Limiting total annual exposure is crucial for health. Those under 21 should avoid use while their hormone system matures.

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